• Kenya 2011

I had one major goal before embarking on this journey: to capture the quintessential African, sun filling frame, Lion King-esque sunset. I will never forget that third evening in Masaai Mara, Mike Gaudaur speeding along the dirt trails in the luxurious yet rugged Prado chasing the sunset as we climbed to a hilltop. At 400mm, with a bean bag stabilizing the largest lens I’ve ever strapped to my camera, my heart raced and my hands shook in pure excitement. It was perfection. Definitely top 5 most specifically memorable experiences of my life – and the opening clip of this video.

Few words describe the truly inspiring experiences in Kenya this summer. I was fortunate to be travelling with friend and classmate, Elise Watson, who had a healthy appetite for exploration and travel. I was also fortunate to be living with the Riches, who were amazing host parents. Much of the video is shot on safari in Masaai Mara with our incredible safari guide (and pro photographer) Mike Gaudaur. Some clips are from our day trips to Mt. Longonot (dormant volcano), Hell’s Gate National Park, Nakuru Park (the flamingos), this missionary station of Kijabe, and our piki (dirt bike) ride with Josiah Rich through the Great Rift Valley chasing zebras and giraffes. For the month of June we lived life the way it is meant to be lived. Vigorously.

Shot on a 5D mark ii (17-40mm, 24-105mm, and a 100-400mm that Mike let me borrow). This was also the first real test of my GoPro HD Hero, and it withstood the rains, dust and winds of Africa like, well, a pro.Thanks to everyone we met along our journey for enriching the experience. Enjoy!Music: The Lion King’s Circle of Life.

  • The Ensure Diet

After major surgeries patients are often recommended to go on an Ensure diet, which can last for weeks. Josiah, my roommate, in an effort to most accurately empathize with patients, decided to go on an Ensure diet for a week.

Shot with a 5D Mark ii (24-105mm); slider shots w/ DIY slider .

  • Kijabe Dentistry

This is story and a tribute to Dr. Warren Rich, a dentist from North Carolina who has dedicated over 25 years to serving those in East Africa, particularly in Kenya. In June 2011 I was on a dental rotation working in the Kijabe clinic as Dr. Rich’s career in Kenya drew to a close. The last day of my rotation marked the end of his career in Kijabe.

  • International Taboo

This is what happens when you get a bunch of international kids together to play Taboo!

  • The Dental Rhythm

This was my entry to Vincent Laforet’s Creative Live contest. The dental sounds sequence was composed by my roommate, Josiah.

Josiah Rich – my soundman, musician, Mac support, roommate, and creative
Liz Perez – the Mexican, who apparently speaks English (whom I adore)
Pam and Amber from Endo – for the instruments and being amazing
The Mac One-to-One guys
To the Vimeo community, whose movies I watch for inspiration

Shot w/ a 5d Mark ii
Audio recorded on a Yeti USB mic.
Edited in Garage Band, Logic Pro, iMovie, and Final Cut (because I still don’t really know what I’m doing) .

  • Snow Day

First movie made using the 5d mark ii.



  • For more videos and to view in HD see my Vimeo page.