A Little Lytle – Copper Harbor, MI

On July 3rd, 2012, Joe and I exchanged the following (below) on Facebook. Joe has been a dear friend since our college days and in many ways a role model. Much love to him and Ida as they begin their new lives together.

Joe: Chris. I want to pitch an idea at ya
Me: OK
Joe: 1st things. You’ll get the invite soon. Surprise intact
Me: Whats the date so I can mark it
Joe: July 28th. This month. And the location is pretty. Remote – prelude the idea
Me: I’m listening
Joe: so a flight up there is a litte $$$. But I’ve only felt comfortable with one man photodocumenting my life
Joe: so
Me: I have a folder somewhere on my computer called: JOE LYTLE
Me: only a few people have this honor
Joe: if we cover the cost of you coming
Me: Joe
Joe: we’d love to have you as our official wedding photographer
Me: I would love to. Let me say that I have never done a wedding…and I am a little afraid but will step up to the plate for you. I will guarantee you my best


YOU REALLY WANT MORE? Let’s continue then!

6 Responses to A Little Lytle – Copper Harbor, MI
  1. Kyle Radack Reply

    Great job Chris. Thank you so much! I wish I could have been there and you have helped me get a good feeling for the joy and fun of the event. Congrats Joe and Ida!

  2. Mimi Reply

    Chris, YOU are amazing! Joe was 200% right about you being the best photographer. I am still shocked the guys got dressed in the woods and then ate nachos, though. Thank you! Love, Mimi

  3. Lydia Patch Reply

    Wow! These pictures are incredible. You have really captured the spirit of Joe and Ida’s relationship. Beautiful work!

  4. John Williams Reply

    Thanks Chris. Beautiful photos.

  5. Larry & Charlene Anderson Reply

    Thanks for posting these! We were not able to make it to the wedding, and so these pictures mean a lot to us. Glad to see it looks like everyone had a great time! Thanks again. Larry & Charlene & boys

  6. Kenneth Carruthers Reply

    You delivered on your guarantee. These are beautiful photographs.

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