A Little Lytle

On July 3rd, 2012, Joe Lytle and I exchanged the following (below) on Facebook. Joe has been a dear friend since our college days and in many ways a role model. Much love to him and Ida as they begin their new lives together.

Joe: Chris. I want to pitch an idea at ya
Me: OK
Joe: 1st things. You’ll get the invite soon. Surprise intact
Me: Whats the date so I can mark it
Joe: July 28th. This month. And the location is pretty. Remote – prelude the idea
Me: I’m listening
Joe: so a flight up there is a litte $$$. But I’ve only felt comfortable with one man photodocumenting my life
Joe: so
Me: I have a folder somewhere on my computer called: JOE LYTLE
Me: only a few people have this honor
Joe: if we cover the cost of you coming
Me: Joe
Joe: we’d love to have you as our official wedding photographer
Me: I would love to. Let me say that I have never done a wedding…and I am a little afraid but will step up to the plate for you. I will guarantee you my best

AND THIS IS MY BEST (and my first gig shooting a wedding!):

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