A Little Lytle

On July 3rd, 2012, Joe Lytle and I exchanged the following (below) on Facebook. Joe has been a dear friend since our college days and in many ways a role model. Much love to him and Ida as they begin their new lives together.

Joe: Chris. I want to pitch an idea at ya
Me: OK
Joe: 1st things. You’ll get the invite soon. Surprise intact
Me: Whats the date so I can mark it
Joe: July 28th. This month. And the location is pretty. Remote – prelude the idea
Me: I’m listening
Joe: so a flight up there is a litte $$$. But I’ve only felt comfortable with one man photodocumenting my life
Joe: so
Me: I have a folder somewhere on my computer called: JOE LYTLE
Me: only a few people have this honor
Joe: if we cover the cost of you coming
Me: Joe
Joe: we’d love to have you as our official wedding photographer
Me: I would love to. Let me say that I have never done a wedding…and I am a little afraid but will step up to the plate for you. I will guarantee you my best

AND THIS IS MY BEST (and my first gig shooting a wedding!):

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Graduation and Social Networks

I still ask myself everyday why I’m starting this blog. Yea, it’s for the reasons I’ve already listed, but looking deeper, I realize that it’s really for the community, for the social network. But a different kind of social network. Facebook-ish but more anonymous. Transient yet permanent. Explicitly NOT the same kind of face-to-face social network of my daily life. It’s important to know that I love my friends; I love the late night runs to Krispy Kreme and the long conversations about life. My friends give a lot of support and meaning to my life. So why exactly is this online community so appealing?

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Why start a blog?

Christmas break always gives me the yearly reality check that I need. Time to think and reflect. This year, it was unusually nice to get away from dental school. I love what I do, but sometimes dentistry swallows me whole without me even recognizing it, and this past semester’s stress and chaos surrounding graduation (in 2012!) has been mounting. Twenty years of school ends in May…and I’ll finally be getting a real job. Oh snap!

Not long ago, one of my friends shared Lolabees’s “10 reasons your dentist probably hates you too” in his Facebook newsfeed. After reading the post, I explored the rest of Lolabees blog and was inspired to start my own. Since high school I have maintained a website that had a journal component to it; however, due to my lack of web design knowledge, I could never REALLY take my site to the level of esthetic and functionality that I craved.

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mmmm….Vietnamese delicacies

Cousin: you should have come to visit!!
yes, lots of home cooked food
amazing home cooked food

Me: vietnamese I presume?

Cousin: only the best

Me: hahaha….this is coming from the girl who eats chicken fetuses
in black, rotten eggs

Cousin: what??
and it’s duck, by the way
you’re awful
be more vietnameseeeeee


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